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Sunday December 31, 2006


New Year's Eve, Managua



Just another day at the office for wee Cristina Susana. All of 6 years old. All alone. In all the traffic. We gave her a dollar and took her photo. The camera cost US$260.00.

She blessed US as we drove away.



Monday January 1


The year when we finally begin to roll back global warming. Which means changing the Me First World deathstyle back into a lifestyle. Which means genuine happiness based in cooperation and sharing, justice, peace and beauty. Rather than feeding greed, by definition insatiable. Following the Cuban model, competition becomes fraternal emulation. Instead of standing on someone else's face.

Another world IS possible. THIS one. THIS year.


Tuesday January 2


The NGOs are back. Thank goodness. Solidarity with the poor can finally be resumed. Too bad those with whom we’re in solidarity are not just poor in working hours.

They aren´t 'the poor' of course. They are the impoverished, the actively-being-made-poor. 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Constantly exploited, they get nothing, or even less. Thanks to them, their cheap labour, virtually slave, their precious resources, effectively stolen, we get holidays with pay. And benefits.

And ‘Consume-mas’? The worst of times to AWOL. What are we thinking? Santas abound. But toys (or even food) for ‘our partners’’ children? They should be so lucky.

Meantime, we bump off our birds, let out our waistbands, suck on our cancersticks, swill down the Coke or Flor de Caña or Johnny Walker, chomp on McDonald’s or Freedom Fries. Not to mention the Nescafé, the wrappings, the obligatory trip in the Stupid Ugly Vicious to go see grandma.

The children starve, the planet burns. We take our ‘well-earned rest’. Nero would be fascinated.


Wednesday January 3


Orlando Nuñez on tele again this morning. He´s a key figure in new Ortega government. Great. Director of CIPRES, of course. Looks like the Frente is making good on its earlier commitment to the CIPRES "food independence" programme. US$30 million to eradicate food hunger in Nicaragua. Cero hambre: Zero Hunger!

More good news: Orlando re-emphasized the Frente´s commitment to a government with 50% of its members women. About time, not only are you women the majority of the world´s population but you´re also so much more in touch with real life and death than us guys.

Of course, you are emotional. Not like us with our beer and football, Playboy and politics.


Thursday January 4


Talk about 'emotional'! Just look at this photo. It's a brandnew outline of Sandino on the former Bank of America building. One of the few structures to survive the 1972 earthquake in downtown Managua, it has become part of the National Assembly. Sorry photo´s a bit blurry; so excited I nearly crashed trying to get it.



Friday January 5


More good news. Rosario Murillo announced FSLN Government of Appropriate Austerity will NOT use the ridiculous Aleman/Bolaños presidential palace. Unfortunately, because it costs so much to run, it´s not suitable for a children´s home, as they had hoped. It will be used to house a range of governmental departments. Let´s see what happens with the children, but the way they´re shaping looks like they´ll have plans.

And Cuba apparently achieved 12.5% growth in 2006.

See article on


04 Jan 2007 11:31

alai-amlatina Cuba: Crecimiento con equidad


Going out to get a better photo of Sandino in lights. Stand by.


Saturday January 6


Well, that was a disaster. Got a great shot of Sandino but it was so dark, the building didn´t show up at all. Try again tomorrow, in the gloaming.


Meantime, more good news. The Frente is to end "mega-salaries". If memory serves, that´ll put about equivalent of whole health budget back into pockets of the people.

Now just need to dump the Stupid Uglies. Saw a long procession of dodo SUVs rolling, air conditioners gnawing at the very sinews of the planet. Beneath the shadow of Sandino, heart of Managua. Quite apart from their stunning contribution to global warming, each one costs about as much as roofing maybe 250 houses in our barrio. Why would the servants of the people ride in these?

A suggestion: Melt down the Stupid Ugs. to make wee buses like this:


It runs on propane, virtually contamination-free. Deceptively small-looking, has plenty of room for El Comandante and four or five bodyguards. With space left over for the guns.

The yearly savings on gas (propane is 2/3 the price of regular), spares, etc. go to roof more houses.





Sunday January 7


Could this be the winner of the ultimate bad taste award?



Maybe a tie with a barrio preacher I just heard: "The Tsunami was the hand of God. 250.000 men (sic) were washed away. Why? They were like Sodom and Gomorrah, fornicating, drinking ... ". So that was it! While we thought they were just ordinary folks, there they were Sodoming and Gomorroming behind our backs. Chocho!

Every time I got close to take a photo, he thought I was a lost sheep returning. He was a he, of course. The flock a collective she. There were only 6, but his sound system was loud enough not just to wake them, but to get the dead boogying in the aisles. Alleluia!!

Whatever about aural contamination, guitarists practising (I wish!), babies sleeping, the Lord was offering forgiveness. LOUDLY! Take it now. Or else. They never explain why a just god infects ´souls´with Original Sin at conception. They never celebrate beauty, life, justice for the street children.

The pious claptrap is everywhere. Carpenters for Christ clutter Sandino´s airport, buses and cabs rant Radio Holy Roller, preachers froth on every corner. Many former FSLN barrio leaders now spout Paul instead of Marx.

Even Daniel and co. are pals again with Cardinal Obando y Bravo and his gang of criminal clerics, obsessed with sex. Ignoring rabid violence and ravening injustice, they condemn family planning, chop down therapeutic abortion, lock people into sin.

This newly-fervent Frente? What will it have up its cassock?

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